Third International Conference on

Natural bio-antioxidants as an inspiration for food chemistry and pharmacy

17-21 September, Nessebar, Bulgaria

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, it is great pleasure to announce the 3rd International Conference on Bio-antioxidants (BIO-ANTIOXIDANTS 2019), which will be held at Marieta Palace Hotel located on the Black Sea coast in Nessebar near Burgas, Bulgaria, from the 17th to the 21st of September 2019.

All young colleagues (young scientists, PhD students, students, pupils) are cordially welcome to participate also at the dedicated 3rd Young Scientists School on Bio-antioxidants (YSSBA 2019).

BIO-ANTIOXIDANTS 2019 aims to make an important contribution towards a better understanding the mechanism of action of natural bio-antioxidants and their synthetic analogues in physiological and pathological states that will lead to the development of new therapeutic and disease-preventive agents. Moreover, we will again discuss the role of bio-antioxidants as modulators of redox signaling.

Among the strategic topics, which BIO-ANTIOXIDANTS 2019 will be focused on are:

  • A. Oxidative Stress and Human Health
  • B. Natural Bio-antioxidants
  • C. Synthetic Analogues of Natural Bio-antioxidants
  • D. Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Lipid Oxidation
  • E. Food Analysis, Food Additives and Food Supplements
  • F. Advanced Methods for Analysis of Bio-antioxidants

Many leading scientist, but also several young investigators from all over the world (Bulgaria, Italy, Poland, Russian Federation, Spain, USA, etc.), whose research and practice are closely related and dedicated to the development and application of novel bio-antioxidants for prevention and therapy of clinically and socially important diseases related to the oxidative stress, are going to attend the conference and share their knowledge, both in scientific and clinical aspect.

We strongly believe that your participation will definitely enrich the conference and ensure its success and we look forward to welcoming you to Nessebar in September 2019.

Yours sincerely,

Prof. Dr. Vessela D. Kancheva
Chairperson of BIO-ANTIOXIDANTS 2019

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Petko Denev
Coordinator of YSSBA 2019

Full-text articles

2018 full-text articles based on the conference contributions (oral and poster presentations) are published in the scientific journal Bulgarian Chemical Communications as Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Bio-antioxidants.

You can download the book here

Important dates

Starts on Ends on
Early bird registration 15 May 2019 31 July 2019
Late/on spot registration 1 August 2019 17 September 2019
Oral presentation abstract submission 15 May 2019 31 July 2019
Poster presentation abstract submission 15 May 2019 15 August 2019
Last minute poster presentation submission 16 August 2019 10 September 2019
Oral presentation confirmation 31 July 2019
Poster presentation confirmation 20 August 2019
Last minute poster presentation confirmation 15 September 2019

Opening Ceremony

Here are some of our speakers

Prof. Vessela Kancheva

Prof. Vessela Kancheva

IOCCP- Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria

Assoc. Prof. Petko Denev

Assoc. Prof. Petko Denev

IOCCP- Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria

Prof. Pavletta Shestakova

Prof. Pavletta Shestakova

IOCCP- Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria

Prof. Margarita Popova

Prof. Margarita Popova

IOCCP- Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria

Conference Program

Here is our conference schedule

Download the whole program in PDF format from here: Download PDF.


Prof. Vessela Kancheva

Welcome address 3rd ICBA 2019

Prof. Vessela Kancheva, Chair person, Bulgaria

Assoc. Prof. Petko Denev

Welcome address Young Scientists School

Assoc. Prof. Petko Denev, Coordinator, YSSBA 2019, Bulgaria

Prof. Pavleta Shestakova-Bulg

150 years Bulgarian Аcademy of Sciences

Prof. Pavleta Shestakova | Bulg. Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria

Prof. Margarita Popova

Welcome address IOCCP-BAS

Prof. Margarita Popova, Scient. Secretary | IOCCP-BAS, Bulgaria

Sponsors presentations - Metrohm

Mr. Alexander Kirilov

Sponsors presentations - Shimadzu

Mr. Victor Vodenicharski

Welcome Reception


Moderators: Prof. V.Kancheva, Prof. C. Bravo-Diaz

Prof. Grzegorz  Litwinienko

From natural antioxidants to their modified synthetic analogues – the inspiration for physical organic chemistry”

Prof. Grzegorz Litwinienko | University of Warsaw, Poland

Prof. Veselina Gadjeva

Oxidative stress parameters in patients with vitiligo and psoriasis: relationship to diseases activity and therapy

Prof. Veselina Gadjeva | Trakia Univ. Stara Zagora, Bulgaria

Coffee break + Poster session 1

Prof. Fred Stevens

Vitamin C protects Xanthine oxidase: potential relevance to nitrate therapy

Prof. Jan Frederik Stevens | Oregon State University, USA

Prof. Se-Kwon Kim

Development and application of bioacive substances derived from marine organisms

Prof. Se-Kwon Kim | Korea Marine and Ocean University, South Korea

Lunch break + Poster session 1

Dr. Riccardo Amorati

Unexpected antioxidant activity of bio-quinones

Dr. Riccardo Amorati | University of Bologna, Italy

Moderators: Prof. O.Kasaikina, Prof. J. F. Stevens

Prof. Virinder S Parmar

From natural polyphenolic antioxidants to their modified synthetic analogues, and then to polymeric antioxidants of higher efficacy

Prof. Virinder S Parmar | University of New York, USA

Prof. Aleksei Trofimov

Chemiluminescence approach for monitoring the cellular generation of reactive oxygen species in the blood upon using nicotine products

Prof. Aleksei Trofimov | Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia

Coffee break + Poster session 1

Excursion old town Nessebar


Moderators: Prof. A.Trofimov, Prof.R. Amorati

Prof. Carlos Bravo-Diaz

Targeting antioxidants to interfaces or how to improve antioxidant efficiency in oil-in-water emulsions

Prof. Carlos Bravo-Diaz | University of Vigo, Spain

Prof. Olga Kasaikina

The influence of moderate magnetic fields on lipid oxidation and stabilization

Prof. Olga Kasaikina | Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia

Coffee break + Poster session 2

Prof. Ryszard Amarowicz

The impact of high pressure processing on the antioxidant potential of foods

Prof. Ryszard Amarowicz | Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland

Prof. Fanny Ribarova

Food - source of nutrients with antioxidant potential

Prof. Fanny Ribarova | Med. University, Sofia, Bulgaria

Lunch break + Poster session 2

Prof. Alia Tadjer

Topology dependent mechanism of OH dissociation of phenolics

Prof. Alia Tadjer | Sofia university, Bulgaria

Young Scientists School on Bio-antioxidants

Moderators: Prof. R. Amorati, Prof.G.Litwinienko

Prof. Pavleta Shestakova

Solid state NMR spectroscopy as a tool to study polymorphism of bioactive substances

Prof. Pavleta Shestakova | IOCCP-BAS, Bulgaria

Prof. Premysl Mladenka

Metal chelation by polyphenols, what are the consequences

Prof. Premysl Mladenka | Charles University in Prague, Czech Rep

Prof. Irina Potoroko

Ultrasound assisted nanoemulsion formation for encapsulating biologically active substances

Prof. Irina Potoroko | South Ural State University, Chelyabinsk, Russia

Coffee break + Poster session 2

Prof. Pavlina Dolashka

Glycosilation and mass spectrometric analyses

Prof. Pavlina Dolashka | IOCCP-BAS, Bulgaria

Assoc. Prof. Petko Denev

Fluorescence-based methods for determination of antioxidant activity of food, plant and biological samples

Prof. Petko Denev | IOCCP-BAS, Bulgaria

Dr. Petko Alov

Methods of QSAR/QSPAR and their application in computational studies of bio-antioxidants

Dr. Petko Alov | Inst. Biophys. &Biomed. Eng. –BAS, Bulgaria

Dr. Denitsa Pantaleeva

DFT methods for study of radical scavenging mechanisms and characterization of the reaction intermediates

Dr. Denitsa Pantaleeva | IOCCP-BAS, Bulgaria

Poster session 2

Official Dinner

Young Scientists School on Bio-antioxidants

Moderators: Prof. P. Denev, Prof. P. Shestakova

Sonia Losada Barreiro

Control of the antioxidant efficiency of gallates in omega-3 enriched oil-in-water emulsions

Sonia Losada Barreiro | University of Vigo, Spain

Robert Czochara

Synthesis, thermal stability and antioxidant properties of c60 fullerene functionalized with phenolic addents

Robert Czochara | University of Warsaw, Poland

Jakub Cedrowski

Sulforaphane and its analogues: the scavengers of DPPH radical with no chain-breaking activity

Jakub Cedrowski | University of Warsaw, Poland

Jaroslaw Kuzio

Bodipy-based fluorescent sensors for peroxyl radicals - synthesis and studies

Jaroslaw Kuzio | University of Warsaw, Poland

Neda Anastasova

Neuroprotective and radical-scavenging properties of benzimidazole aroyl hydrazones

Neda Anastasova | IOCCP-BAS, Bulgaria

Brenden Legros

Study on the synergy of γ-terpinene with phenolic antioxidants

Yafang Guo, Andrea Baschieri, Riccardo Amorati, Luca Valgimigli |Italy, Poland

Coffee break

Poster session 3A YPP1-YPP18

Young Scientists School Poster Presentations: All Topics

Lunch break / Poster session 3

Poster session 3A YPP19-YPP36

Young Scientists School Poster Presentations: All Topics

YSSBA 2019 Poster Awarding Commission:

Assoc. Prof. P. Denev, Prof. V. Gadjeva, Prof. P. Shestakova

Prof. Santiago Aubourg

Impact of alga Fucus spiralis extracts on the quality enhancement of commercial fish products

Prof. Santiago Aubourg | CSIC, Marine Res. Inst., Spain

Assoc. Prof. Petko Denev

Young Scientist Awards. Presented for Best Young Scientist Oral and Best Young Scientist Poster Presentations

Assoc. Prof. Petko Denev, Coordinator, YSSBA 2019

Discussion about the new perspective of bio-antioxidants

All participants

Prof. Vessela Kancheva

Closing remarks

Prof. Vessela Kancheva, Chair Person ICBA2019

Assoc. Prof. Petko Denev

Welcome to the 4th ICBA2020 in Plovdiv

Assoc. Prof. Petko Denev


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  • Poster Presentations program - Latest changes(27.08.2019)Updated Program
  • Poster Presentations added - view all presentationsAdditions to the program
  • Prof. Se-kwon Kim, Korea Marine and Ocean University, Korea | Development and application of bioacive substances derived from marine organismsChanges in the Title
  • Prof. Aleksei Trofimov, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia | Chemiluminescence approach for monitoring the cellular generation of reactive oxygen species in the blood upon using nicotine productsChanges in the Title

Registration ended

Registration process will be managed by Company for International Meetings Ltd. (CIM Ltd.) in advance and on spot at the CIM Registration desk next to the reception desk in Marieta Palace Hotel.

Registration Type Early bird (01.05.2019 – 31.07.2019) Late/ On-site registration (after 1st of August)
Regular fee 150 EUR 200 EUR
Student fee* 80 EUR 120 EUR
Plenary speaker 0 EUR 0 EUR
Keynote speaker 0 EUR 0 EUR

* Students are required to enclose a copy of a document from the university
**For administration reasons all Bulgarian participants are required to register in Bulgarian. Please choose „БЪЛГАРСКИ“ from the top right corner in the registration platform.



Institute of Organic Chemistry with Centre for Phytochemistry, BAS


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