Bulgarian National Science Fund (BNSF) aims to support projects and activities to promote research consistent with the ratified Framework Programs with certain priorities of the European Union, as well as with the Strategy for the Development of Science in Bulgaria by 2020.

Website: https://www.fni.bg

BNSF promotes research by:

  • financially supporting scientific organizations and higher education institutions on the basis of project and program funding
  • financing projects, developments and demonstration projects in the scientific fields designated by the Fund
  • funding projects, developments and demonstration projects of young scientists

Metrohm AG is a global market leader in manufacture of precise instruments for chemical analysis. Metrohm is the only company providing the complete range of ion analysis under one roof:

  • titration (potentiometric and Karl Fischer)
  • VA (ultra) trace analysis
  • ion chromatography
In addition, Metrohm provides:
  • pH, ion and conductivity meters
  • stability measuring instruments
  • NIR and RAMAN spectroscopy solutions
  • software for networking and instruments

Moreover, Metrohm offers peripheral units, a full range of dosing and liquid handling products, sensors, IC-columns and accessories for all kinds of applications. A broad selection of automation solutions complete Metrohm’s offer.

Metrohm Applikon offers a broad range of analyzers for ON-line and AT-line applications.

Metrohm Autolab produces four different potentiostat/galvanostat lines for a wide range of electrochemical applications, as well as modular extensions, software and accessories.

Our customers are well-known companies from all industrial sectors, like the chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries, as well as from the automotive and food sectors. The metal and electronics industries, water and environmental analysis and also research and training are further fields in which our analytical instruments provide highly accurate results.

Website: https://www.metrohm.com

Shimadzu was founded in 1875 in Kyoto, Japan. With a worldwide network of subsidiaries in 74 countries and circa 11 500 employees, Shimadzu guarantees personal support for each customer.

Shimadzu offers a multitude of products, encompassing analytical and measuring instruments and medical systems. The analytical division is one of the world’s largest providers of analytical instrumentation and environmental monitoring equipment.

Our cutting-edge analysis technologies are contributing to research, technology development, and quality control in a wide variety of fields.

Analytical instruments

  • mass spectrometers
  • chromatographs
  • spectrophotometers
  • biotechnology instruments
Environmental measurement instruments
  • water-quality analyzers
  • continuous emission monitoring systems
Testing/Inspection machines and measuring instruments
  • material testing machines
  • fatigue and endurance testing machines
  • structure testing machines
  • non-destructive inspection machines
  • high-speed video cameras
  • powder & particle size analyzers
  • balances

Phytoviv Ltd. was founded just few months ago, with main focus on the producing and trading with plant based dietary supplements.

The company is relatively new, but it's founders have almost 20 years of experience in the producing and trading with high quality consumer products. Our main goals in the current product we just launched, HEPAVIV is to offer to the market highly beneficial for the user product, which will be same time easy to use, completely natural and made with care for the nature.

BIO-ANTIOXIDANTS 2019 strongly believe that participation all sponsors and exhibitors will definitely enrich the conference and ensure its success and we look forward to welcoming them to this exciting event in the beautiful city of Nessebar.

The International Conference on Bio-antioxidants is a perfect chance for your business to showcase its products and services to top scientists and professionals in the field of antioxidants. The 2019 promises to be relevant and insightful and to examine a number of topics of growing interest: it will be comprised of six plenary sessions, two poster sessions and Young Scientists School on Bio-antioxidants (YSSBA 2019)

As a sponsor of this conference, you will have a unique opportunity to expand your brand’s outreach to researchers at home and abroad. Sponsors receive notable recognition, booth space, signage opportunities and free registration(s). Posted below are official letter from the Organizing Committee Chair – Prof. Vessela Kuncheva and a listing of the sponsor categories and the benefits available. We would encourage your participation in making this year’s event more successful than ever. The organizing committee strongly relies on your sponsorship and support to ensure the success of the conference.

Sponsors and Exhibitors Invitation Letter and Packages

If you have any questions concerning these sponsorship opportunities, please contact us. If your company would like to participate in this years’ event as a sponsor, send us an e-mail. Thank you for your time and consideration.